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Quality Sliding Door Service For Your Home

Sliding doors allow homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about pesky bugs or inclement weather ruining their fun. But like any other type of door, sliding doors must be appropriately maintained to continue working correctly. That’s where Sliding Doors USA comes in – we’re your go-to source for all things related to sliding doors, from repair and replacement to installation and maintenance.

No matter what type of sliding door you have – whether made of glass, wood, or aluminum – we have the knowledge and experience to keep it in tip-top shape. So if you’re in the market for a new sliding door or need some help keeping your existing one in good condition, we can help!

Fast, Reliable Service For Your Sliding Doors

If you’re looking for reliable sliding door service in South Florida, you’ve come to the right place. At Sliding Doors USA, we offer fast, reliable service that you can count on. We understand the importance of having a working sliding door, and we’ll do everything possible to get your door back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our team of experienced professionals has seen it all when it comes to sliding doors, and we’re ready to help you with any problem you may be having. Whether your door is sticking, needs new hardware, or needs a tune-up, we’re here to help. We also offer emergency service for those times when you need us most.

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Frequently asked questions

A: If your sliding door is not opening or closing smoothly, if it’s making strange noises, or if the glass is cracked or shattered, then it’s time to call a professional for sliding door service.
A: It’s generally recommended to have your sliding door serviced every two years, but if you live in an area with a lot of wind or rain, you may need to be serviced more often.
A: If you’re experienced with home repairs and have the proper tools, you may be able to do your sliding door service. However, leaving this type of work to the professionals is generally recommended.
A: You can do a few things to help prolong the life of your sliding door, such as regularly cleaning the tracks and lubricating them with WD-40. Additionally, inspect the door for any damage or wear and tear regularly.

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Trained Workers

Here at Sliding Doors USA, we take pride in our highly trained and experienced workers. All our staff members have been professionally trained in door repair and replacement, so you can rest assured that your sliding doors are in good hands.

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Quick Response

We understand that a broken door can be a major inconvenience, so we offer quick and efficient service. We will respond to your call as soon as possible and do our best to complete the job quickly and efficiently.


Quality Material

We only use high-quality materials to repair or replace your sliding doors. This ensures that your doors will last for years and can withstand everyday use's wear and tear.

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If you’re looking for a reliable sliding door repair company in Fort Lauderdale, look no further than Sliding Doors USA! We understand that a broken door can be a significant inconvenience. That’s why we provide quality repair services for your sliding doors. Contact us today at (786) 509-7161 for a free estimate on our sliding door repair services!

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